D2R servers down again?

like wtf? ive been playing offline ever since earlier when i found ALL my stashed runes, GONE. went to log in to do a few baal runs with my buddy and nope. servers are down. wtf?! this is third time in 3 days! bout to say to heck with this and go play MH Rise(take notes blizz from capcom, their servers almost never goes down) like i love D2 dont get me wrong but damn blizz something isnt right within the servers themselves

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couldnt agree with you more there…its the third time in three days straight…i mean i dont think they are doing this willingly but com’on…its a 20 yo game and with all the money you get from us is it really a such hard problem to fix?? guess its time to move on to other games…first you murdered wow with all your stupid political correct moves and now diablo 2 is unplayable…good job blizzard

like capcoms Monster Hunter Rise is filled to the nuts with crap hitboxes and more but id take that over not being able to play. seems like they may need to take the servers completely offline and build up from ground up. so far zero word from blizz but given the time atm, i get it. but daaaaaaamn blizz! yall gotta do something im seeing a lot of very ticked ppl in R/Diablo forums

Yep, down for just over an hour and a half at the moment

i hear ya. hopefully blizz gives us some info soon

They have marketed and sold us a product that is not working. Class Action Lawsuit? It seems to be similar to some of the same things they had go wrong with WOW.

I just tried to refund my order. I know it is past the refund date. However, these are extraordinary circumstances… being sold something that is not as advertised.

Sorry, this order is not eligible for refund.

Orders purchased more than 72 hours ago are not eligible for a refund.

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So far, 3 mornings in a row, servers down.
I guess I’ll have to wait 2-3 hours before they even wake up Pacific time, then a few hours to fix them.
Another morning gone.
Seems like it’s almost time for a refund.

This is just sad. How do you have your servers go down completely 3 days straight on a holiday weekend… Feel like I should just stick with my old school D2. At least that got released as a playable game

After it had been down for close to 3 hours there was a brief window in time where it actually worked. Maybe 20-30 mins playtime around 6am-6:30am central time before things went bad again. Knew things were going to be in trouble on my last run when I went to ID drops and Cain took almost a minute to complete the task. Hasn’t come back after that. :frowning:

Blizzard is 30 years old.
Battlenet is 25 years old.

You’d think they’d be better than this by now.

First time I joined an online game. And it happened to be Battle.Net. And it’s Diablo 2 resurrected. In the game I am at normal level but I am already experiencing hell in trying to connect to server. I do hope Blizzard resurrect the server soon. What a bad experience for a virgin online gamer like me to choose Blizzard.

I hope their not doing another roll back. I lost High rune and gear I found the other day and not to mention the waste of my time sitting here playing for hours. Blizzard should offer people their money back.

Really sad and disappointed ! ! ! ! ! !