D2r refund denied without reading my messages

I purchased d2r the other day for pc bc trading on Nintendo switch was nearly impossible due to communication being so limited. Couldnt get it to work so requested a refund despite my computer specs meeting all requirements. Was told that my progress in the game shows ive played to much to be able to get a refund. I explained that i havent been able to play whatsoever on the pc and even showed screenshots as proof and submitted all the game crash reports. All of my progress has been made on Nintendo. No response and refund has been denied. Extremely poor customer service.

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Did you reply to the email or did you put in a second ticket? The email is no-reply. You have to be sure to use the website ticket system not an email.

The first step of the refund system is automated such that if you meet the basic requirements in the Refund Policy Blizzard Refund Policy - Legal – Blizzard Entertainment it automatically grants you the refund. If you don’t then you would have to put in an actual second ticket to get a GM to review it personally. That takes several days depending on queues.

My guess is the automated system simply looks at account progress and can’t tell which platform that progress was acquired on.

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