D2R Playing Now though not open

For Diablo II Resurrected the “Play Now” button shows “Playing Now” and refuses to let me launch or uninstall the game.

I have verified that having my VPN turned on or off has no effect and eventually can start the game (and enter multiplayer mode with it both enabled/disabled).

I have verified that the game is not running in the Task Manager.

I manually open the game folder and launch the “D2R.exe” file however the game refuses to connect to multiplayer giving me a “Can not connect to server” error message.

I did just discover that if you End Process for “agent.exe” that the Play button becomes enabled about ten seconds later and I was able to connect when launching the game that way. I’m not sure if I can reproduce that (I just want to relax right now) though maybe that will help someone else out.

I would very much appreciate it if the devs fixed this issue either way.

Eventually it relents, I think maybe because I’m end-tasking stuff in the Task Manager though have not been able to reproduce a reliable fix. Please fix this!

EDIT (since it won’t allow me to reply until others reply first):

I’ve played a couple times since this post and killed agent.exe in the Task Manager. It takes roughly 12 seconds for the button to become clickable which is still obnoxious. Hopefully this will make things easier for a developer if one would be kind enough to tackle this issue please?