D2R No Win 7 Support

This is just a very stupid idea blizzard, I for one will not be getting Win 10. And most likely you are going to lose out on money that Windows 7 users would have spent. We aren’t interested in having our information usurped and sold from MSoft. You guys are so stupid even though Win 7 isn’t supported anymore, it is still more secure than Windows 10.

You are just downright stupid who ever made this decision.


This forum is for technical support of the older games like legacy D2. D2R has it’s own forums which can be found here. If you want to leave feedback about OS support, that’s where you’d want to post it.

As for the OS, D2R requires DirectX 12 to run. Windows 7 unfortunately doesn’t support Dx12. Technology is always going to advance and old OSs are going to be left behind.

All previous OSs are more secure than Win7 (in terms of info sent to Microsoft), but companies can’t simply keep supporting those previous OSs forever just because of that.

As for Win10, it’s come a long way in six years. The vast, vast majority of the metric data that’s sent to Microsoft can be disabled.