D2R: Character stuck in game

When I try to create a game or join one with my necro, it failed and said I was still in a game. I couldn’t even delete the character. Please help!


same issue says char in game but its not, made another char can`t enter games with that one either… THIS IS WORSE THAN BETA WTF, this issues were not present in the open beta or closed beta


I have the same problem here. Char level drop and stuck in server game.

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Char stuck in game after game crashed wont let me log it on or make a game with a different char…

same here since 1.5hrs ago

Same thing is happening to me right now. Pretty frustrating. Also on the selection screen it looks like my character has been rolled-back 3 lvls. I surely hope my character gets booted off the server with what I earned sometime soon and not tomorrow when they do maintenance. Sigh…

Also notable they cannot be deleted, if you try to delete it says it is Locked and cannot be changed…

Same issues here…no official word but everyone I was playing with is off to nightmare and I’m stuck outside the game unable to join or play.

Also my character was gone from char select for about 15 minutes while this happened… Just plain gone. It came back but can’t join games…says I’m still in a game lol.

12h later and my char is still stuck. great work blizzard! even worse than the launch of wolcen, you have nailed it hard.


Same here been 12 hours and still stuck

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Ditto, please send help.

Hi, I am having the same issue. My sorc has been stuck for about 12 hours. I can’t play with any other character now either.

entire community seems to be going through this right now, unfortunate sad news, blizzard hasnt even reached out to let us know they acknowledge the issue nor have they attempted to fix it.

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I am having the same issue.


Has anyone found a fix for this? Character has been stuck since last night.

Same issue here and also had it happen last night before they reset the servers.

They sort of have on twitter. https://twitter.com/BlizzardCS/status/1441436144680439810?s=20

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