D2r ban my account no reason

I bought game use alipay 260RMB yesterday and just play few hours. today they ban my account say my account maybe hacked? you can lock my account and wait i come to unlock it . why ban my account? i never do anything ??

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Same thing happend to me. THIS IS BS BLIZZARD!! way to kill the good faith of the last few people purchasing their games. If i dont get unbanned im going to fight them tooth and nail for a refund.

Never buy keys from shady third party sites. Buy your games directly from the game maker.

Otherwise you end up risking all sorts of issues. The most common is being scammed because they sell you a key, then they refund the key and you are left with nothing and out your money.

This does not sound like a ban though. This sounds like a security lock that happens when the system detects a strange login pattern. It is done for your protection.

To resolve it, you change your password from the current PC location. If you need help you put in a ticket.

Something else to keep in mind, if you try to play from a non-supported region that has firewalls to keep people from playing games that the country did not approve, that can also cause issues.