D2 turns 20 years old - Share your moment!

Sanctury is 20 years old!
Diablo is still alive and strong.

That game changed many of our lives and marked an era of gaming.

Even if Sanctuary is a sad place right now, share with us one of your best moments while playing Diablo 2.

On my part, I remember playing 1.09 and fiding a Zod rune! Sadly, Zod did not have a very high value, but I was really happy to find the rarest rune in the game. :slight_smile:

Share with us you D2 moments!

Best item finding moment for me was 3 seasons ago… Within a week period, found two Ber and one Zod. The two Bers dropped in Ancient Tunnels and the Zod dropped in The Pits. Had to scrape my jaw up off the floor three times that week.

Prior to the rune boost patch, I had never found a rune above Vex.

I still haven’t found Death’s Web, Tyreal’s Might or Mang Song’s Lesson.

getting realm down for muling too fast
getting muted for talking too fast
losing items in the rust storm
when bowazons were made useless
when nova sorcs became useless
when pvp died


Bring back the pre-nerf’d ww for 2H Pole barbs that just plowed Chaos

But what Sly said above. Sad state of affairs.

Rip d2 2000-2020 we will miss you

i can´t share my most fun moment. and it dwarfs the rest of them.

second to most fun moment is finding Sur/being gifted an excellent infinity by a mate.

Watching that annoying sorc tele-pickit something into a pack of fanat souls and dying before chicken exited the game on hardcore

Making a mule account in early 2000 and forgetting to register it, trying to connect one day and realizing someone stole it and changed the password. All that and you can’t tell who the f*** could’ve known about that account AND guess the password

getting realm down for muling too fast - true
getting muted for talking too fast - id prefer this than spam bots
losing items in the rust storm - what would u expect from hacked/imported items?
when bowazons were made useless - bowazons r rly powerful, especially hybrid zons
when nova sorcs became useless - still a viable build, not sure what ur getting at
when pvp died - who nk’d you?

My glory moment was trading off a 6 bo cta back in 2009 for 2 high-end ebotdz, a 2 bo cta, and anni. I got such a good deal and was the first time I ever got an anni, I was beside myself.

Being the first Necromancer player to get taken up on bragging that an 18th level Necromancer was the only 18th level character that could solo 8 player hell cows.

And then proving it! :slight_smile:

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99ing first time, then The Cranium Basher first time and then Zod first time.

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I play ladder, but trade very little. Usually it’s just to gear up and play with my bro.

A few seasons back, I could not find an Fathom, Vex or an Occy to save my life for my cold sorc, but I found this sweet 1 handed orb; +3 to Cold Skills, +2 to Cold Mastery, +3 to Blizzard, +17 energy, +33 mana. For a magic item, this was HUGE damage, so much I ended up using it for the whole season. I later on found a +4/-5 cold facet and socketed the weapon.

I moved over to US East later and since I didn’t touch the account for a year, it vanished… but I’ll always remember my budget death fathom.

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Very good stories! (Some of you, the whiners are just booting to read). Thanks to share these memories with us. :slight_smile:

I can’t remember my “most fun” exact moment as I’ve been playing it for 16 years now. However my most fun times in D2 were around 1.09 times for pvm and 1.13 times for pvp.

Now I only play single player (plugy) with patch 1.09.

Bring me the sweet windforce bowa, grandfather ww barb and let’s not forget the tri ele sorc!

That’s easy!

“You were disconnected from Battle.net. Please Re-Connect”

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Diablo II was the game that made me interested in computers and games, after that I worked at a Lan House, then I bought the Lan House and I still have it today, despite having started other projects.

I still play Diablo II and consider it one of the games of my life.

I remember back in the early days the excitement of getting a Vampire gaze and Windforce for my Bowazon and a Grandfather sword and .08 Arkaine’s Valor for my barb. Also was a happy day to get a Lightsaber and Storm-shield for my Pally. Back then this gear was very good and rare. Now it’s mostly trash.