D2 Resurrected, what I'd like to get

David Brevik claims that just before D2 launched that the source code became corrupt. They were able to make it happen by using a copy they had at home and using it. I’m not a coder but that sounds like a hard thing to overcome. Not having the original source code.

There are thousands of people who could pay their hard-earned 50$ for a Diablo II Remastered/Remake/Resurrected.(or whatever you call) So why can’t you focus on this project ???

Very first on the list of priorities: Fix botting and lag in a way that doesn’t intervene with legit playing. If that doesn’t happen, there is no game. Forget about it all.

Bigger stash, yes, but shared stash too. Transferring items is annoying and scary with those servers…

I’m not sure if a Diablo remaster comes or not.

developer stay quite for so long.

Also, David Brevik’s interviews about lost codes breaks hope.

I just hope.