D2 Resurrected, what I'd like to get

So, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you already know about the rumors of a Diablo 2 Resurrected.

Apparently blizzard lost their backup of the game long time ago due to corruption. So it is unknown to me what is coming up. Did they reverse engineer the executable to recover some data? Did they start from scratch trying to be faithful to the original as best they can? Will this be a Remaster or a Remake? I really don’t know.

Anyway, having played the game extensively in the past and being excited about the rumored upcoming “Resurrection”, here are my thought about what I would like. I’ll try to list my thoughts from what I think is the most important first.

1- Bigger Stash, and shared stash. No wonder why PlugY is so popular. I did try to play lately on the latest reset. But after 3-4 days it was too painful I just reinstalled my game with PlugY and restarted. We just like hording stuff. Collecting Unique and Set items is pretty fun stuff to do. Also, if you consider crafting, then you’ll want to collect all the Gems, Jewels and Rune you can get. If stash space doesn’t get significantly increased there’s just no way I’ll want to play anything else than D2 PlugY.

2- Same mechanics as the Original game. Faster cast Rate, Faster Hit recovery, Faster Run Speed, Magic Find etc. You can’t max everything. That means you’ll have to make some choice and there’s no perfect items, if you choose Magic Find it means you’ll sacrifice other stats in return. The game is about making choice and Build what you want, not always obvious what is best item. So I want it to be faithful to the original regarding this point.

3- Fix the lag. Ok if you’ve played D2 on Battlenet you know how frustrating it is to hit a black wall, then quit the game, and see your character dead (hardcore). Most people prefer D2 over D3 but let’s be honest here. D3 runs smothly and lag issues are almost non existant. So I really hope they fix this in the upcomming D2.

4- Diablo clone. Farming for a speccific server to encounter Diablo clone is ridiculous. Not only you have to create new games over and over which create a lot of loads on the server, but also once you successfully entered the right server, having to wait and stop playing when you do hit the right server until enough SOJ are sold to encounter Diablo Clone is ridiculous. I hope they find another way to encounter him. How about we have to sell 1 Stone of Jordon to a merchant to make him spawn in our game. This way we would control when we want to fight him and it would still cost something valuable. I think this would be a lot better. Maybe we could extend this with any holy grail items to make him spawn.

5- New balance patch. Ok we all like the latest patch of D2 with the synergies, runwords and everything. But at this point I think it would be very exciting to have new options available (new viable build). Some skills haven’t been used for decades because they are just too weak. I don’t necessarily want them to be the new meta, but just give us new options. How cool would it be to have Hydra skill with the sorceress useful. Also there are some VERY rare drops in the game like Tyrael’s Might that are just plain bad items, why not give some of them a little boost so you feel excited about getting one of the holy grail item. How about giving some of them special powers to break immunity. Immunity is great, making the game hard, but this feels weird that the Infinity runeword can only break Lightning, I mean it can break other elements but some monsters have way to high resist to be broken, how about Infinity + other Holy grail items to reduce their resist even more allowing you to break all other element.

6- Add a new zone in the game for PvP. No town protection, when you go there you fight or you die, plain and simple… Also remove the interface where you have to invite people to group together, if you are not doing PvP you’re always all grouped up. For sure this would need a ban system like in D3 where if you want to get rid of someone you could just kick him out of the game.

7- Keep the portal to Pindelskin open even if you got the waypoint and have beated Nihlathak. This is another ridiculous thing you have to plan about your character wheather you want to farm Pindleskin for drops or Nihlathak for keys.

8- Balance Stygian doll corps explosion. With the latest patch we had all monsters had their life increased on Hell difficulty. This means that when you kill Stygian doll they do a lot more damage than they used to. This is just ridiculous how dangerous this monster has become. I hope they balance it to be more in line with the original intent. What do you think about Soul monsters, those that do lightning, do you think they are to strong and need a nerf, i’m unsure about this one.

9- Fixed quest bug, like Andariel quest you can bug. While I like bugging her to increase my drop rate when farming her, this is just ridiculous. Just give us better drop rate with her to keep the game as close as possible to what we experience right now with the original but no silly bugging involved.

Well that’s about it for now. Tell me what I forgot or what you agree/disagree with.

Bigger stash, please, yes absolutely.

The network/lag problem is due to the TCP/UDP netcode that is used, which was a common network code used back in the dial-up days due to limited bandwidth. The error prone UDP code is used for character positioning, which is why sometimes you see yourself warp back behind a wall, or see a melee monster hitting you while he’s 1/2 a screen away. If a remaster happens, I’m sure this would be changed over to just TCP.

I think 1 SOJ popping Dclone is a bit too generous. Selling a SOJ needs to be about a 25% chance to spawn Dclone, and of course only in that game. Annihilus is supposed to be an endgame hard to obtain expensive item and it needs to be worth more than just a bit more than 1 SOJ.

As far as boss drops, I think they ought to just quest drop all of the time.

Remove gem requirement for cubing runes… So annoying.

I think runes need an overall boost to drop rate… The current ratio is fine.

There is no remaster in the works. You people are so gullible.


No, there are a plethora of players I do not want to party with. I want competing parties to exist.

8- Balance Stygian doll corps explosion. With the latest patch we had all monsters had their life increased on Hell difficulty. This means that when you kill Stygian doll they do a lot more damage than they used to. This is just ridiculous how dangerous this monster has become. I hope they balance it to be more in line with the original intent. What do you think about Soul monsters, those that do lightning, do you think they are to strong and need a nerf, i’m unsure about this one.

No, do not make content easier than it already is.

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All I want from this if that ever happen is to play D2 in the actual Bnet, without bots/hacks/dupes…

Maybe little changes if they doesn’t affect the game experience… like:

·Permanent account/characters

·Maybe maximize the number of chars per acc?

·Maybe a little shared stash

·More info in your character interface/items… breakpoints, total MF, rolled stats on items, etc

· And I’m not sure for example about keep Pindelskin open even if you got the waypoint and have beated Nihlathak or let you make cows level as many times as you want even killing cow king, because in first impression it sounds nice, but could break balance on gameplay style in partys for example, sometimes you have to make choices…

·Also even if it sounds very greatfull and in first impression I’ll be ok with this… I’m not sure about the idea on bigger stash… cause having it will change the conduct about keep every gem/rune or some stuff for rolling that normally you wouldn’t do ( or yes if it’s your actual target ) and if they implement this with permanent accounts/characters, little changes like increase HR drop, increase Stash, increase, increase, INCREASE… will break market sooner than later, at least in my opinion like I said before, sometimes you have to make choices…

If some changes are made, they must be do VERY carefully to don’t break what has been working for long years

Of course not all D2 fans expect the same if this project happen, but if it does I don’t like to see it with big changes, sincerely… I consider this game like a master piece with good balance betwen HUNT/LOOT/MARKET that many other games tried to find and failed so hard expecially on end-game, at least in my opinion…

That’s why I’d like to see a REMASTER being respecfull with actual mechanichs in game and not a REMAKE, cause even if some changes sounds very nice, they will break part of this balance.

They have the talent to do it, my money is waiting. :smile:

I didn’t mean to remove the ability to chose the player you want to group with, I meant that when you join a game you don’t have to invite everyone on the party. By joinning a game you are automatically partying with other players…

I didn’t mean to remove the ability to chose the player you want to group with, I meant that when you join a game you don’t have to invite everyone on the party. By joinning a game you are automatically partying with other players…

No, I want to join a game and NOT be forced to party with the people in that game. I don’t want every random who joins my game to automatically be added to my party.


They are dangerous, especially if amped, however there is an easy way to kill them with a melee character without taking damage.

Stash space is just a quality of life improvement. Everyone is creating mule to hold on to items. I’m sorry but that’s not enjoyable having to login/logout characters and remembering who hold what. Playing with the PlugY stash makes it a lot better in my opinion. And I really don’t understand the analogy with increasing drop rate for rune and stuff. Drop rate is something else entirely and I wouldn’t want them to change that at all.

I agree with you with the cow king, but the thing about Pindelskin is that you just have 1 character to farm keys (with Waypoint), and another character without the waypoint to farm Pindelskin. I could understand having different character for different part of the game like 1 strong fire characters for a dungeon where monsters don’t have high fire resist. But having another character specifically to have your portal up is just weak in terms of mechanic. It’s not like the current D2 game prevent you farming Pindelskin over and over again, it’s just that you have to chose if you’re character wants to have the portal up all the time or not depending what you want to farm with him. I just think it is a superficial reason having to create speccific character for that reason.

Aside from that you’ve made other good points in my opinion.

there is, its called Blood Moor

u cant spam pindel runs anymore so wthat the problem!!?!

idk what a mythical things Cow King dropping atm cuz iirc Cow King was patched ~20 years ago with patch 1.02, also Cow lvl is not 85lvl area anymore

nn remaster, Glide3d and all is fine Imo, we need qol-balance patch, maybe not as strong as PoD did, but qol’s like: stash with additional pages or shared stash, improved char screen like in Plugy, ilvl tool tip, Cow King respawn, Dia Clone change to ~1-5 Sojs in current game only, buff/debuff icons, ect ect should be implemented years ago and its a standard nowadys LOL.

What I would like to see. Let me see opp’s life, mana, absorbs, max resistances, buffs (BO lvl, Ench lvl ect), potions (belt, inv, cube if in inv) so I would know I should play GM or some1 try BM or NK me, so I dont waste my time and nerves anymore with BMs. Desync fix and much buffed movement speed would be also welcomed, atm game play is focused too much on mindless Tele spam

I think that big fresh meta change is very needed if they want to bring ppl back to play and maybe a new uber quest/9x lvl areas would be nice also. Overall balance in D2 is super laughable so they should dont care too much about it, there is Blizz Sorc, Hammerdin, Spirit, Enigma, Infi, Grief and some other game breaking things.

The only thing that might point to a D2 remastered version is Vicarious Studio announcing a rated-M game being tested, which isn’t much…

I’ll believe it when I see it.

I would love to see a shared expandable stash. Even if there was a cost per tab it would help keep the game going long term. Miles get annoying when you need excel spreadsheets to keep track of your stuff.

Remove the character deletion after 90 days.

Maybe buff some under used or pointless skills/mercs

Above all get rid of bots and hacks for good, it’s cancer.

More runewords and uniques in the spirit of the original added into ladders would be awesome.

oooh don’t bet on any company being able to remove bots from a diablo game… there’s an army of devs who dedicate their lives to overcoming every single roadblock Blizzard throw their way.


New bots (not the old ones like Kolbot or whatever other old bots) are more advanced and they don’t give them away for free. So if the bots cost something we can hope there will be less people willing to get them.

Bigger Stash, and shared stash would be number 1 for the game!
New Act 6 - Heaven -
Guilds creations would be awsome!
Add new End gaming areas and maybe new event?
Add 25 new Runewords and only found in ladder.
Add New Set items for end gaming
Add Rare / socktes Arrows.
Add New socktes to - Belts - Gloves, boots.
Add Pain charms - make monster harder.

Also Ethereal bows to fix the imbalance between class items, and help bring bowzons back into a more usable tier.

Couldn’t agree more about the arrow slot. Need unique / rare / socketable arrows. Also quivers that when you hit 0, don’t simply vanish to prevent accidentally deleting unique items.

Nerf to smiters. Smiters should stun themselves for about 2 full seconds after several hits. No class should ever be immortal.

And finally, torrent levels of ubers or a final act that is scalable to make sure end game content doesn’t get stale toward end of season.

A new act is asking too much though. Leave that alone.

Bowzon talents that REDUCE your damage need to be addressed. NO synergy options of MS / GA / Strafe is harsh. I remember how broken the class was in classic, but after how far the gear has progressed since then, bowzons don’t even hold a candle to other classes.

Accessible cow levels after the king is killed, just without a king.

Complete removal of the ability to complete acts before you should be able to, thus disabling the ability to rush. This would also DRAMATICALLY reduce the ability for people to bot.

I agree with some of your ideas, not all, but certainly not this.

Hell no

I didn’t like the infinite scaling in d3. I do like the idea of randomized high monster level areas. The scaling just makes suboptimal builds useless. Everyone would just be pushing the high level areas with hammerdins.

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I think it would be a good idea. Make it optional for an achievement type thing only. I do not think higher difficulty should yield any better or more frequent gear drops, simply offer an opportunity to make the game harder if you WANT it to be. Friends could just go in to see how far they can go, and maybe the reward to doing it would be free repairs while you’re in it. It’s a very minor reward, and just for fun. I do not mean to allow scaling difficulty for sake of better gear. This would turn the game into an elitest challenge with only cookie cutter builds being viable, and I never support that. This is the main reason I chose to build a strafe bowzon that can do ubers.

I would just be happy if they fix NPC’s AI like skeletons. Also make Act 2 Maggot Lair and Arcane Sanctuary walkways just a tad bit wider so more than one skele can fight without a train of skeles standing behind him just hanging out.

I find that dubious. It’s hard to release patches without at least some of the source.

In any case, if they do remake/remaster/rehash the game, they’ll likely remove every part of the game that was enjoyable. They do that 100% of the time in WoW.

“Oh people like it too much? Remove it. We can’t have people enjoying the game too much. It’ll just make the rest of the stuff we do look bad.”