D2 Pay Model - Server Protection

Why don’t we pay an annual, monthly or bimonthly fee for maintenance and server support? We pay a monthly fee and once a yearish a new runeword or event is added and the server is maintained (to be explicit, bots and cheaters are sought and prevented). Would you pay money for this quality? How much if so?

Edit: I don’t want to attack Blizzard. How can we come together to satisfy and mutually benefit both parties? Blizzard is great, I just want more and I think we could improve the servers and add some interesting things to the game occasionally.

A fee works for WoW and other MMOs, if some occasional content is added and the fee isn’t excessive I would be totally ok with a subscription model for battle.net, what do you think? The quality would need to be GOOD so we get VALUE through our fee. Both parties should gain value or it’s no good.

To me, ridding Bnet of bots and having Blizzard support is quite valuable. Right now it seems like a Blizz rep reaches out every 3ish months, if Blizzard could add some support through increased revenue I think it would be a win for both parties.

At this point, what could they lose by incorporating a subscription? People have played D2 online w “support?” for almost 20 years, if they are no longer supported and don’t want to pay value prices then they can utilize the other options D2 supports. I think the D2 market is resilient enough to pay ~$10-$50 easily a year if they receive value in return. $5 a month? $10 bimonthly? sure, easy.

I’d be curious how many actual humans play the game of Diablo 2. I just fired up Diablo 2, I wouldn’t be surprised of the currently 28.5K players playing Diablo 2, less than 5% of them are regular human players. So somewhere around 1500 people, give or take 20%…

Lets say they do ban the bots, that leaves 1200 to 1800 players of the game. Being part of that group, how much would you want them to pay? $10/month is $12k-$18k which is nothing. How much do you think Blizzard would want per month not only to provide us with new features, content, but also to do the RnD and implementation of countermeasures to stop bots? As much as I would love to have these things, I don’t think it’s in the best interest of filling the pockets of the share holders if you know what I mean. If Blizzard could squeeze 1/2 a million out of us per month, it might be worth it to them to take on this task… Remember it’s a software development teams salaries we’re talking here… So are you ready to pony up to $280-$420/month to play a 20 year old game?

I have a wife, kids and a mortgage, I haven’t seen a $50 dollar bill in quite some time, let alone $420. :smiley:

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Do you think only 28,000 accounts log in across all servers in a given month? Why do you think only 5% are human? I’d guess more like 30 + % but I don’t really know.

If only 28,000 people in the world play this game in a month, how tf am I still playing this game???

New content could be very small, such as 4-5 runewords in a patch once a year; or occasionally a content addition. I think a small team could do it and perhaps have responsibilities on another game too.

I think this could be valuable to both parties, I don’t like your numbers; they seem unlikely to me! I think there is a way, Blizz has the data and can determine the playerbase and what it would cost to allocate resources. I mostly just want a server without bots, anything else would just be icing.

I was just going based upon the current report of 28,500 people playing Diablo 2 as reported when entering a chat channel. It obviously fluctuates depending on time of day + weekday/weekend… I was using it as an example…

As far as the 5% estimate, that is based upon playing experience on battle net over the past several years on how ridiculously hard it is to find a game that is NOT full of bots.

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Well, yeah!!.. They’d love ideas on how to make them more money… However the best route is not with a 20 year old game.

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Yet they sold 30 million copies of Diablo 3 because of us, the 20 year old game and the names Blizzard and Diablo. It sold 30 million copies because D2 has had a lot of fans who sought the game and built momentum. Because Blizz had a lot of fans cause SC and WoW were great, Blizz could do practically do no wrong at the time they released D3.

Well since we’re in the way back machine, the good ole game of Pong hasn’t received many updates recently. Should it get some love since it’s the fore-runner of… Well… Every video game? :stuck_out_tongue:

No, nobody is destroying the game for the rest of the community. Pong is a 2 player game and it’s obvious if your opponent is cheating. Who is playing pong??

Are you kidding me, you are here. Do you think you’re one in a million to play this game? Come on now dude, there are way more players than are suggesting.

Hey I’m with you on wanting updates and the bots gone… I just don’t think there is enough interest (mainly $$$) to support the idea… Good convo, I bid you good night. :slight_smile:

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not enough real people play this game to support a pay to play model. Too many bots skewing the numbers.

If they were to monetize D2, it would be more than likely be repackaged and remastered with alterations. The general idea is wonderful.