D2 loggin problems

I’m a D2 player, this afternoon I was thrown out of the client, I thought it was an interruption of the internet connection, but it wasn’t like that. I tried to log in again but I have a message that my cd key is already used by me, and to try again in 5 minutes. I waited and tried again, still the same message according to which my cd key is already in use by me. Now several hours have passed and nothing has changed yet, I still can’t log in; What is happening?

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This same sh!t has happened to me :rage:

Hey there!

Basically the servers have to kick the account offline if it does not log out properly. Normally this should happen within 30 minutes or so.

Sometimes doing things like a DNS flush and closing out of the Diablo 2 app while waiting can help, that way you’re sure the device isn’t still sending any data to our classic servers.