D2 LOD. Unable to connect to bnet

I recently reinstalled D2. When I try to connect to bnet I get stuck at checking version for a while (though my version is correct, 1.14D). After a period of time, I get the following error: Battle.Net is not responding. Please try connecting again in a few minutes.

Couple of questions:

  • when did you play last?
  • are you sharing any of your accounts with friends who may use bots?
  • have you ever tried to connect to battlenet while a vpn was enabled?

If none of those apply…

  • uninstall the game as thoroughly as you are able to
  • reboot
  • download both the game and the patch for the Diablo II you are wishing to play. e.g., if you only install Diablo 2, then only download the patch for Diablo 2, if you install both Diablos, then only download the Diablo LOD patch.
  • install the game(s), but do not run them nor connect to the net as this may trigger the online patch.
  • after the game(s) are installed, apply the patch manually.
  • now, try connecting to battenet.

If those did not do anything or you received the same messages while trying to connect, then post an inquiry in the CLASSIC GAMES TECH SUPPORT forum:

Have a little patience with the mods as it is the weekend. And, hope it all works out.

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The third statement applied: I tried to connect to bnet while VPN was enabled. I’m stationed in Korea so I thought I’d have to VPN to play in US West.

Did I just screw over my account?

connecting with an active VPN results in a 2 week restriction but no permanent ban.

I guess I learned a lesson. Thank you iWasntThere and Mitsufunk for the helpful responses.