D2 LoD - Problem with Battle.net

Hi, I was playing a lot of single player Diablo 2 lately and decided to try multiplayer with my girlfriend. Unfortunatelly as soon as I clicked Battle.net button in the menu “an error” appeard:

Blizzard Updater v2.27

The patching process cannot continue until all files are closed. Please try the following solutions:
(1) Press “Alt-Tab” to switch to the game; exit the game; then press “Try again” or (2) Reboor your computer and run this program again.
If neirher of these solutions corrects the problem, please contact Blizzard Technical support.

I tried alt-tabing and exiting the game but apparently the error and the game is the same tab ??? I also restarted (rebooted) my PC and opened the game again but nothing changed. Also, whenever I open the game the process automatically starts and I can’t even close it so now even singleplayer is impossible

Try to download the patch as a stand-alone patch install.
If you have already attempted that and you get the same or odd errors, you may need to re-download the game from blizz, it’s free to download. Install the game and do not go online (as in do not play multiplayer mode) until you apply the previously downloaded patch.
Hope that helps.

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Just play single player it’s more fun than botter net home of the jsp cheaters