[D2 LoD]: Can We Get An Update on East Realm?

Everyone is down - no posts here or in Classic Tech support. Can a Blue let us know what is going on?

yeah east realm server down for me too

Yes, server down for me as well

east servers are in fact down.

I think I’ll have to pick my jaw up off the floor if it’s a mass bot ban wave… fingers crossed

This is what happens when you let chimps run the servers.

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silent patch 1.15 confirmed

what is going on dude :S

Just maintenance. It happens a few times every ladder on every realm.

Except they will announce an in-game message and they didn’t this time. This is 100% not maintenance.

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It’s a server reboot, nothing more. It’ll be up and running in a few minutes. It happened a month ago on US West.

Since the recent move of East and West’s realm onto a desktop Compaq with a 533 Celeron CPU, there have been a few hiccups. Chances are, it will all be cleared up by this evening.

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Managed to get into chat and was 4000th in line to create a game then crashed before it got to 300.

I think that they are on to us.
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Just because I like alot of what TDJ has to say on here, because of what he posts, doesn’t mean that I’m one and the same with him, lol.

Have you ever seen a post of his ramble like most of mine? :slight_smile: