D2 LoD 1.14d Max is still +505 stats +110 skills?

Hi, it has been many years since I last played. I remember there was a Jamella editor or something. Was wondering if there are any up-to-date editors for D2 Classic Single Player to our current patch? Could you recommend any? But not just for items, more of a general trainer.

Since i’m playing hardcore on bnet, it’s nice to be able to forecast some tough fights on single player before i jump in. The editor should be able to affect quest completion, waypoints, be able to accurately consider attributes/skill points granted by quests/rewards, and of course amend char level. good if it has item generator as well, then we can really simulate and test kobayashimaru situations.

The best one for Classic, not LoD.


I found 1 hero editor. it still works for 1.14d but slightly buggy. that is not very important, i just needed to test something.

could someone just tell me if today 1.14d the max attainable stat & skill points at lv.99 with all quest rewards (after Act V LoD), is +505 stats +110 skill?
it’s very helpful to me if you could just tell me yes or no thanks.