D2 ladder reset lengths

Is it just me, or does 6 month reset intervals seem too long? I love doing resets and planning work and time around for it to happen. Just seems like a 4 month reset three times a year would be a lot more fun to play and enjoy.

After a week or two of bots and dupes, the ladder dies out quickly. Would be nice to enjoy it for longer and maybe do it three times a year instead.

It’s only too long for lazy fake games that jsp there gear and bot to 99 in 21 days after reset ladder is a joke anymore


6 months is too much for a botted community, but its 100% perfect for a legit community.

It gives good time enough to climb to 99 playing 20hourish per week

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I could see that for legit yeah. I really hope they do a remaster someday.

We gotta accept that diabot 2 is not legit unless you play by yourself.

Ladder resets should occur every week imo to lessen the impact bots have