D2 keys in use?

Hi guys, as of about 3 hours ago, myself and my room mate are both getting messages that our keys are in use by ourselves. Tried waiting, restarting computer, rebooting router, etc for the self heal after the normal disconnect stuff but no go. Any ideas?

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I’ve seen Blizzard reps say it could be up to a 24 hour wait. I’d say try not playing for a day or two, and if you continue getting the message 24 hours after the problem started, you should open a support ticket as well as posting in the Classic Games Support Forum.


Just a word of warning though, since the botched release of Warcraft: Reforged, support has been virtually non-existent for classic games like Diablo 2, so if you do open a ticket, you may be in for a long wait for a response.

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I’ve got this too right now, but in my case I know what I did, lol.

Because of the insane need to perm mules, I had brand new mules perming in a private game, and forgot that I had not shut them down before going to bed, so then I woke up and got ready to play me some D2, I got the above message, so I’ll just be working on my offline guys for the next little while.