D2 issues, did we get scammed by a money grab?

Listen, I know this was a quick money grab by Blizzard to keep us all quiet until the release of D4 but this is frankly ridiculous. For the money spent on a pre order and the wait time I expected a lot better than a few graphic improvements and a server that goes down like it’s running on A.O.L.

STOP pre buying games. Especially from this trash heap company.

I agree. Last time I pre-buy. I am soooo disappointed with D2R with the server constantly down. Obviously the alpha and beta tests did not prepare them for this.

I took a week off and bought a gaming laptop to sink myself into D2R.

I’m now spending my time watching reruns of MAS*H. lol

TVLand. I’m watching MASH as well, lol.

For me, it was a choice. MAS*H or HEE HAW (ewwwwww). LOL

Not API related. Go to D2R forums instead.

What’s the point of a Forum anyway, if the Devs don’t see/read the Feedback?
What kind of Company doesn’t engage with their customers?
And since they don’t keep us updated with Announcements & Updates regarding Major Issues, they may as well close the Forums altogether. What’s the point?