D2 installed, immediately won't connect to battle.net


I just downloaded D2 on my computer for the first time, trying to play for the first time in years. My battle.net immediately got stuck on checking versions before I could even access it. Can anybody tell me why this is?



Try right clicking on the Diablo II shortcut and select: Run As Administrator. Then connect to Battle.net.

Thank you!


That unfortunately didn’t seem to work either.


Ah! Sorry I thought it was on startup. The issue here is a Bad CD key seems to have been used or attempted to use while connecting to the service. Some possibilities for this one are:

  • You are currently using a bad CD key or one wasn’t removed from a past installed version of the game.
  • Most common we see is someone utilizes a bad CD key, then attempts to purchase the game (At which point the action for using the bad cd key was already put in place.)

The action would still stand which we cover it and more Here. These actions can last between 2 weeks upto 30 days. I would recommend to play offline and try again in 2 weeks.

Thank you.


i had this problem too, u have a diablo II folder that u cant delite right?, so create a new folder called “Diablo 2” (and not II) AND NOW WHEN U INSTALL the game it will go there to the “DIABLO 2” file, and problem solved :).


i had an issue as well recently when i purchased a second copy of diablo 2 for my lap top so i could play with my daughter, which is now causing separate issue. all i had to do was run the program in compatibility mode and it started right up. hope that helps


@Zuvykree “The issue here is a Bad CD key seems to have been used or attempted to use while connecting to the service.” That’s a horrible way to diagnose the issue— If it’s not this simple solution it’s because you used a bad cd key. —

I have my original D2 and LoD CD keys that I got the day both games came out. I’ve never shared the keys, I’ve never with the CD keys, none of that. And yet your response to that would be “You have a bad key” or “you did one of the actions on this temporarily restricted list to get your key temp banned” of which I never have.

I would like the game I purchased to be playable with friends.