D2 - Graphic Mods & legitimacy

Howdy started playing again after many a years,

I got the GlideFX to OpenGL (the glide wrapper), very nice so far. I was wondering what mods out there can take me closer to a 1280 or 1600 resolution in conjunction with the glide wrapper - VERY IMPORTANT;

Follow up question, is there actually a decent bnet to connect to from AUS? I play Planetside 2 USA West, but thats 200-320ms which is life and death in this game.

Any positive feedback is well appreciated, Kind Regards

GlideFX is your only approved option. If you download that resolution hack to make your screen bigger it will ban you within seconds of getting on battlenet. There aren’t any good Ausie realms. You’re just screwed.

Is it confirmed that there is no risk of Ban when using GlideFX?



There was a blue post that it’s not only allowed, but you’re encouraged to use it to improve D2. You can also use VMs like Sandboxie to use multiple Diablo 2s at once, which was also in a blue post.

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Blizzard doesn’t actually “encourage glide wrappers use to improve d2” they do however allow its use.