D2 Concept Patch 1.15a

New!: Concept Patch 1.15A

Quality of Life Changes:

  • More hotkey functions available:

    • ctrl + left click to quick transfer items to and from stash, cube, or trade screen
    • ctrl + right click to quick drop items from inventory to the ground
    • ctrl + hover mouse cursor over an item on ground to view it
  • Added a search bar for the custom games list

  • Added options to adjust sound/music volumes outside of games

  • Warden updated so the current bots and other cheats wont work, and adjusted to allow for more games to be quickly created or entered without getting fail to join or realm down

  • Reduced fail to join game screen timer to 2 seconds, realm down and temp restrictions also adjusted to be less punishing for real players

  • Passworded games now stay open for 5 minutes before being “permed”, to make transfering items between characters less risky

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed some occasional rubber banding for battlenet games

Balancing Changes:

Ladder Balance:

  • A new non-ladder will be started as of ladder season 26, the current non-ladder will become legacy non-ladder

Cow Level and Uber Trist Balance:

  • The Cow Level can now be re-opened in a new game even after your character (or party member) has killed the king in a previous game

  • The Cow level and Uber Tristram minions now gives the correct/fair ammount of xp for all levels

DiabloClone Balance:

  • Selling 1 soj to any gambling vendor screen (so it cannot be bought back), now triggers the DiabloClone event in your game (hell game only)

What would you like to see for a future d2 patch?
Post your ideas, and feedback/constructive comments here


Yaaa none of that will probably never happen


Oh and they already did the instantly perm games when you create them they did that a while ago

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I would add the ability to have a user programmable section of the Inventory and stash screens, that can bulk transfer anything in the designated spaces back and forth to each other, or drop them to the ground directly from either. If a particular user, on either a permanent or one time basis wanted to select up the entire inventory and/or stash screen to be transferable/droppable with a single click, then get that worked into the code at the same time.

There is a thread about ‘potion stacking’ (it also had in the title and content things about making belts hold more potions, but I didn’t really like those parts) that you might want to check out, and maybe share your own thoughts in, so other will see such threads and perhaps comment…
Just figured out the link ability here, so adding in three links to other threads where folks that are still believers dare to post new ideas in a mostly dead forum, where the disappointed and disillusioned make up the majority of posters.
Here is that thread!

I like your idea, and quite a bit actually, as it would make Joining games easier and less time consuming, but I would like to offer up the idea of a user selectable text entry for game name and password combinations, so that folks that want to create a series of cow/baal run games (or whatever) can do so without the need to tediously have to manually re-enter such over and over again. This would be a QoL improvement that would just be nice to have, but hey.

If you are referring to the loud/annoying music that comes on between games, you can shut off that already with the use of the {Control+M} key combination. Note that this does not offer volume control, it is just off/on, and only affects the background music. As the ingame sounds are already setable within the existing options, I don’t see a need to change anything in that respect.

I used to hate that music between games, but then I googled the issue and learned about the {Control+M} key combination and have enjoyed the silence ever since. :slight_smile:

Here here, anything to get rid of the bots/hackers is a good thing. I agree.

I agree. Anytime programmers start writing code to specifically ‘mess with’ the paying customers enjoyment of their purchased product/game, is dangerous ground. Good if the code is to stop folks from cheating, bad if it is designed to rip off honest folks trying to mule items between characters, by causing the entire realm down concept to kick them off till their items are gone. Blizzard also added code to crash games with too many set/unique items on the ground at some point, and while that may be needed to stop the dupers, it also steals from the legit paying customers when they are trying to organize their digital loot. Please note that these things do not happen in single player games.

As already noted, both this and the music between games have already been done.

The cow level is already ‘fixed’ so that too is not needing done, but I like the rest of your ideas here, as well.

On the whole, i like threads like these, as they bring interesting points up and provide a good place to discuss things like this. I also posted a number of threads here with like minded ideas to improving the current D2 offerings, and like your own thread, received less than spectacular responses. :frowning:

That being said, if you have any interest in seeing my own ideas, I could use the helpful responses in those threads (which you can find by looking at my posting history). The ReMort and Fast Tack threads might be right up your alley, or not, but any constructive comments are better than none at all. It seems like most folks that post here no longer have faith in Blizzard to fix/improve things, and so folks that are still ‘believers’ are a clear minority, and our posts/threads tend to fail to achieve anything, as they get buried and no one sees them after a time.

One way to fix this, is to actively seek out and bookmark threads with good game ideas and comments, and then regularly post in them so that they do not disappear.

For me, I have given up on bnet as a playing field for D2 because of the hacking/botting/cheating, but equally because of the anti-muleing code and the need to perm mules, make mule characters, and make entire accounts of mule characters, all of which is annoying and lessens my enjoyment of the game that I, a paying customer, still play. Enhance my ability to enjoy this game, and I will still invest in future D2 content, without the need for a remastering (aka eye candy upgrades). Keep the same graphics and sounds, just give us some QoL improvements and we are happy campers.

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8player loot drop rates all the time


That too! I would have left it at that, but there seems to be a minimum limit for posts here, lol.

They did this 2 years ago.

Removing the gem requirements for rune cubing would make me jump for joy.


What do you mean? You can open cows after killing the king?

Last time I had online character, yes. In fact, you didn’t even need to kill Baal to be able to get in.

I cannot confirm this for online right now, but will double check the single player 1.14d real quick.

Arrrgh! Cannot play D2 at all right now, as the mighty MS operating system demands updates…

Actually, on this point I cannot confirm for online (No current online characters), and was just now able to confirm that in single player, any character (even just an act one capable mule) can indeed ENTER the red portal to the cow level, and my Enchantress can indeed open the cow level even after so many slaughterings of the cow king.

If single player is ahead of online bnet play in this regard, then I apologise for any inaccurate information I posted.

Can anyone that does play online/bnet either confirm or deny that the cow level opening/entering is indeed different in single player rather than the realms?

Thanks for the replies, and for pointing out which parts may be done already.

I’m hesitant to suggest ideas that change the game too much…

Maybe account wide stash tabs that make muling easy would be an interesting quality of life change if I had to suggest something else


That would probably be a HUGE QoL improvement, and would work for all users online or offline. For the online users, this would remove a massive amount of quit-rejoin activity, and account swapping is likely to become less of a thing, if what I hear of 18 character max rather than 8 from before is true!

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I agree, it would make muling a thing of the past… Unfortunately with the how the game works, it would require recoding portions of the game and the Diablo 2 server software to make it happen. Since they lost the original source code, it would be a very difficult to impossible task with the only other option being to rewrite the whole game ground-up, a task which I highly doubt they would be willing to take on.

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So why can private devs like path of diablo and and mods like plugy do all these great things with the game but blizzard themselves cant, seems like a big excuse from them imo

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Look no further than that all mighty dollar.

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Yeah pretty much, clearly $ > passion there


remove runewords from ladders… ladder is pointless cus only things competing are bots and dupes. Also for ladders bind drops to accounts 30 seconds after they are picked up or on exit from game. and most importantly when anyone leaves a game… do not allow a rejoin for that character… till the game saves normally and do not save the characters data… till the normal save for the game. that will end duping by crash. ban any characters and cds for any account that plays 24/7 or anything beyond humanly possible. and every account accessed by that key. End shared exp on ladders… so characters levels will represent their work… not some bots work. imagine a ladder where every character earned every item they foudn and the exp they got. transfer to open Any char exceeding humanly possible play hours. … anyone with excess hr or sojs same thing… xfer them to open. even if you get 1 or 2 innocents… this is war on cheating… and a few casualties are acceptable. 99.9% of all hr words are illegitimate. bot derived or dupes. a 1% casualty rate is worth getting rid of the 99%. Have 1 blizzard employee spend 1 hour a day… banning ladder bots. (for each realm)// allow /players == 8 for ladder games… most mulit player games now are noobs leaching off bots or hl rushes and those games only last 3 min.
On ladders each character should have to personally find everything they use and personally earn every point of experience they get.

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[D2 Concept Patch 1.15a]-----> revert back to v1.09 (enough said!) :smiley:

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