D2 Classic Account Verification Email?

Hi. When I created a battle.net classic account for d2 from the diablo II client, i entered an email twice to attach the account. do i need to further log into that email and click on a verify/confirm account notice?

because some of my account emails are getting a verification notice. i inadvertantly clicked on one, and it DID link to blizzard support, but it said ‘verification expired’. it said to resend verification, but there is no such function in the d2 client interface???

Yes, you must log into the email to confirm. If the link is expired, the email will not be bound to your account and you’ll have to start over.

Oh i see. How do i go about it? cos there is no option to resend verification on the client. my account is now populated with new chars and i can still log in.

how do we verify email once that mail notice expired

Just enter the same email again.

so i choose ‘create account option’? you mean as in recreate the account again with same details? i will try that


No My God! it’s NOT working! Their mailer is not sending anything out anything at all. i went through the change email procedure twice. i have full control of both emails and all passwords. but no mail is going out through the D2 client.

ALL this hassle because they do NOT have a RESEND VERIFICATION EMAIL button