D2 clan - self found/clan trade only, multiplayer SC/HC

Creating a clan for the nostalgia; its going to be only self found items/trades within clan community.

This creates the atmosphere of what it was like to originally play the game and make friends. You can Baal run with the Bots already in game to ease leveling but apart from that the only requirement is that you level fresh characters together/alone and only use items you find or trade between clan; no public trades, jsp, bots, etc.

This also evens the playing field in PVP within clan, so your not competing with someone running a Bot 24/7 to get an unfair advantage.

Interested? email me at SFdiablo1@gmail.com or direct message me in game on East Coast Server at *whisperkill7 to join. Going to build up members and meet in a common channel.