D2 BNET email inactive (hotmail)

I’m hoping to get all my accounts in order for the release of D2 Resurrection on console… 3 of my Diablo 2 PC accounts have an old email address that I can’t change and don’t have access to. It no longer exist as hotmail is now outlook. If there is anyone that knows what I can do or knows more about this matter it will be help.

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I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but it won’t be possible to play on Battle.net accounts from the original game in Diablo 2:Resurrected. When it comes to closed Battle.net (ladder and non-ladder), the two games will be separated. Blizzard has stated that they will keep the old servers running for the original game.

We will have the ability to import local single player saves from the original game into Diablo 2:Resurrected. (PC only)

As far as solving the email issue, the only work around I can recommend is to create new game accounts, associate the new accounts with your current email address and transfer the gear over to them from the old accounts. It doesn’t do anything to save the leveling progress for your characters, but at least you can save the items you’ve collected.