[D2] Add colour to an item , reward!

We would like to see " Add colour to an item , reward!" as an option besides “Personalize an item” at Anya ! People to be able to paint one of their items at Anya one time per difficulty ! Possible colour choices to be Red, Green , Blue , Black , White , Orange , Yelow !


Sounds cool and class restrictions instead of level would be nice too but nothing will ever happen games too old people that work at blizzard now did not make this game 20 years ago it’s code is too old thay would just create more problems trying to mess with the game that’s why so many people want a remake/master it could happen but ehh I wouldn’t get my hopes up on that and d4 will be here before and d2 RM most likely

The Starcraft code was older than D2’s and it was remastered. They rewrote the Sc code and it is now a completely new game. They have done the same with War3 R.

They don’t need any of the original developers to do this, and you certainly don’t know if they employ still any of the original developers. The D2 team had over 30 people who worked on it, how do you know if any of those people still work for Blizzard or not.

Blizzard also recently said after announcing D:I that they are working on 4 other Diablo projects. We know for sure that one of those projects was Diablo 1, as it was recently made to work on modern machines and rereleased. D1 has older code than D2.

Also, there are about half a dozen illegal D2 servers and those thieves have rewritten the code and provided new content. It’s erroneous to think Blizzard can’t and are not remastering D2.

Nothing you say holds any logic.

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Best idea ever! I would love to see such a thing actually, naming is a bit useless… I don’t really enjoy having XxXhammordinXxX name on my items


I like the naming feature. I have no interest in colouring an item with that D3 feature, but if they were to do it I’d rather they made a new quest for it, or random super unique monsters drop a potion, say 1 in 20 kills, that gives a random coloured potion that you right click onto an item and is a one time only use per potion.


I have to agree, that quest reward should be better, and what you suggest is something long overdue.


I Really like the idea of being able to alter the appearance of one item of gear, rather than just attaching a name to it. I myself would rather have the quest reward that opens up a cube like box (like used in the Imbue, Socket, and Personalization quests right now), but be able to have a horadric cube formula that influences the outcome (if using the lesser ingredients) to outright giving you exactly the “look” that you want (if using the top of the line ingredients), as the randomization would keep the quest reward in demand and eagerly sought after, rather than just largely ignored.

I love the look of an armor with a perfect skull in it, and do that for many of my single player mules as I level them up, so a quest reward allowing something like this would be most welcome.

There are n2 things that blizztards are way behind everyone else in the industry, and I cant figure out why they are being so dumb about it:

  1. The ability to choose the sex of your character, male/female
  2. the ability to add color to weapons/armour … people like originailty and want to stand out from the rest.

C’mon JR. you are still nothing no matter how much control you think you have,.