D2 Accounts deleted by Blizzard

I have been trying to log in for the past week and have been getting a message that account does not exist, you have not been on battle net for 90 days. This is after a week of 4k plus queues. So I wait a few days and try again, sill unable to log in. I look through the forum and see others reporting somewhat similar issues and that blizzard is working to restore some chars. I wait a few more days and still cannot log in so I open a ticket to support and explain that I cannot log in and send the message I am getting as a screenshot. Their canned heartfelt reply states sorry we cannot restore your account as it has been inactive for more than 90 days, we wish there was something we could do and understand the time you put into it. EXCEPT it has NOT been inactive for 90 days!!! I have been inactive for maybe 2 weeks at the most, first week due to queues, 2nd week because YOUR SERVERS HAVE DELETED MY ACCOUNTS!!! Hello DEVS, SUPPORT…any chance you can actually look into this rather than providing a canned email reply with ZERO time spent looking into the issue? Anyone else have their entire accounts removed? I also tried to to create another account using the same account name, and it says I cannot because the account already exists.

well if you didn’t bot, u wouldn’t get your junk deleted. glhf.

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this has nothing to do with botting or not botting. If you dont have a correct answer then dont post stupid crap.

Yes its possible to lose accounts and its rare but does happen. There is nothing you can do except on your end by ensuring your account is permed / registered and always refreshed. Beyond that its OUT OF YOUR CONTROL. Remeber that any name / char / account / use of is blizzards property including your account. You are not the owner but given permission of use that can be revoked at any time. Was it because of “botting” LOL NO odds are you changed the realm and logged into the wrong realm / used wrong name off by one or the account was double registered and it was claimed by someone else - all are possible.

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chinese hackers ftw!

ss or it never happened

Final communication from support for anyone interested:

I understand that your Diablo II accounts were all deleted. After reviewing your case, I am afraid that we are not able to recover Diablo II account back to you due to technical impediment.

Please understand that there is limited support for us to take into a further look of your case to see why your account has been deleted.

However, when this error shows up, it means that we are not able to recover the account back to you since the account information has already been purged from our system.

I can deal with this, I understand there is limited support for such an old game, just don’t blow smoke up my 6 by telling me I haven’t logged in and that’s why my accounts were canned. Case closed, play at your own risk with the understanding w/e happens there may not be any support provided. I probably should have realized this to begin with.

Bottle net is dead the real game is in single player now

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A lot of people (a LOT) have gottne hacked in the past 2 years, legit hacked not dling trojans, fake “dupe” programs, stuff like that.

It’s really easy to do, just phone blizzard and if you have the account name (do a /whois command in bnet after trade window showing godly gear), the email associated with the account (get the guy’s paypal email when you trade for real $, or just know his name and search his email from a hacker database paid by bitcoin), and phone blizz and say you lost access to your email.

Or get access to his bnet account (most ppl who were hacked didn’t 2FA their bnet account), look up his cd key, then phone blizz again. with the cd key plus the account, blizz will open all doors and let you in. change the email and the account pw, jack the items, delete the chars.

Some hackers even made .gifs showing level 99 being deleted, and then sent them to the victims via jsp private messages … lmao

just laughable how bad the security is. And blizzard’s response?

“it’s a 20 year old game”.

As if that means you don’t have any responsibility to establish an account security protocol amongst your gms?

Ppl literally be losing tens of thousands. One dude had acc full of valks, btals, all PERM, and it was worth 4,000,000 ++ forum gold. That’s about 40,000$ us dollars roughly.

homie literally feels bad for the guy, offers to sell it back to victim for 1/10th of value, and the guy agrees…

that’s the type of stuff none of you have any clue is going on, since you’re just casuals and are completely uninformed and think people are still 12 years old and downloading the latest “farcast” “maphack” or “dupe program” and getting logged.

I give up. You can’t fix stupid.

It’s a tough call. On one hand, you would want to be able to safely invest in a character in a game that you love to play and where it will always be there. On the other hand, games are about playing, having fun, experiencing gains and losses, and which may inspire people to pursue careers in coding or in making games.

I do not have any interest in items. An item’s value ought to always be temporary. What is of value is if a gamer is having fun either on their own, with their family, or with friends (new or old).

From the beginning, I wish that Blizzard would have integrated an all-realms regularly scheduled wiping the slate clean. Ladder and non-ladder as well as Classic and Expansion. Everything reverts to a fresh start. I would support that.

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use stronger passwords bro

1000 fg / 10 dollars so 4 mil is 400k usd idk why someone would have that much on a jsp account what a strange guy


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"A scrub is a more derogatory form of the slang “noob”, “nub” etc. and is primarily used in video games, particularly those which are multiplayer based.

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