D1 works fine but Hellfire STILL won't launch from desktop

As the title says, I got Diablo 1 to work just fine, but Hellfire won’t launch without an immediate crash.

After a ticket and only automated/copy paste responses that DIDNT EVEN READ I was having trouble with HELLFIRE and assumed Diablo 1 - sent me a broken link to get help from the community.

For Hellfire - I’ve tried in compatibility modes and from the desktop icon - screen just goes black and back to desktop for Hellfire but not for Diablo 1 - that game worked just fine. If there isn’t a fix from blizzard, im told GoG has the game for the same price and they took the small amount of time to get it to work BEFORE selling a dead product and i’ll have to refund the game from blizzard sadly to purchase it from a competitor

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Sounds like you need a cnc-ddraw wrapper

Already using one for Diablo 1 to work so i tried it with hellfire to no avail and got this ERR:

Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION
Fault address: 09973B30 00:00000814

SS:ESP:002B:0019F878 EBP:0019F928
DS:002B ES:002B FS:0053 GS:002B

Call stack:
Address Frame Logical addr Module
09973B30 0019F928 0000:00000000

You placed the ddwrapper files in the Hellfire installation folder as well?

Yes I did, and it hasn’t seemed to work.

you might have to ask funkyfr3sh on github. I dont know what that crash code means

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Try running it using DevilutionX

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that was the fix that worked! and man, that port is badass! Even full screens and tabs out no problem!! thank you much!

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