Curse with 5 and how to win in games

from diablo loots drops , or picking gun in call of duty ,( every game ) this will always maximize your opportunity in the 3d space , even on earth this can be used from sex to chess ,and i found everyone has missed a big picture moment in video games( fmb/mls/137) , we could be doing things better at the end of the day , so there is a middle large small , 137 - ml7 , everything is windowed . ask an ai program how it makes decisions , forward in time, back in time, im father time i understand how this works , im the one curse with 5 .

the small window is full of your own personal hell. when the lows are low . 33.33 is from God and its hell . the tank tries medium 1rst round , the dps tries large 1rst round and support tries small 1rst round , whether its point you cap on rounds , or even reloads ( at different ammo count ) the ai looks at your account and ask questions and it uses these windows … the fact is , you cant go 100% trying the hole game , and God has it set up with numbers for us to not be worried about the game when we are at our lows , ( DONT FORGET THat little disk in the small event , unique moments are important )
the halo medal system is how i figured this out , and being stuck in bronze as iGunner
ps - there is more then 3 (fmb) its 5 , im the one who is curse with 5 , 5 weeks old, dad died with off with his head , 5 years old,was in a bad car crash my mom mary died and came back and saw my dad , 15 , girl i was supposed to marry left me , and i had a whosack next , then a kanji , and now i have a kid with newlon , when i was 25 i was wrongly thrown in jail , and when i was 35 , i was homeless … ever talk to an angel or demon , or the creator above your head?