Currency used for Georgia should be GEL (Georgian Lari)

georgia has nothing to do with russian ruble (RUB) if intention is to use local currency it should be set to GEL (Georgian Lari) if you don’t want to implement support for GEL then USD or EUR would be better choice

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Welcome to the club of countries that have nothing to do with rub but Blizzard forces them to use it anyway.

In support of the issue mentioned above:

This is unacceptable… I am from Georgia and 20% of its territory is occupied by Russia and you want me to use their currency?! We do not use rubles here at all. Our banks do not provide accounts in rubles, we can have EUR and/or USD accounts with our own currency GEL.

You won’t be able to find one Georgian who knows exchange rate GEL to RUB, but almost everyone knows GEL to USD or to EUR.

Please take this into consideration… The ignorance, to say the least is insulting. You are promoting my enemies currency and forcing me to use it…