Currency for Turkey

hello. can you change currency and prices for Turkey. Coz we pay and paid x10 more till today. 1 euro = 10 tl. and thats meaning everything costs x10 for us. You have a lot of Turkish players. i asked this many years ago, but all is still same. You shoud do somethings. Look at Twitch tv. they did this. You guys can do this too. Just you should care Turkish players. We want to play, we want to buy somethings but all limited. So many players want to play World of Warcraft but they talk about monthly subs. coz 12 euro = 120 tl here. Thats meaning 1 person’s minimum wage’s 5%. So many things like this… WE WANT TO PLAY WITH JUSTICE. thats all what i want to say. just work for this. its not hard. coz there is a sample lateen like twitch tv