Currency for Turkey

hello. can you change currency and prices for Turkey. Coz we pay and paid x10 more till today. 1 euro = 10 tl. and thats meaning everything costs x10 for us. You have a lot of Turkish players. i asked this many years ago, but all is still same. You shoud do somethings. Look at Twitch tv. they did this. You guys can do this too. Just you should care Turkish players. We want to play, we want to buy somethings but all limited. So many players want to play World of Warcraft but they talk about monthly subs. coz 12 euro = 120 tl here. Thats meaning 1 person’s minimum wage’s 5%. So many things like this… WE WANT TO PLAY WITH JUSTICE. thats all what i want to say. just work for this. its not hard. coz there is a sample lateen like twitch tv


This is a serious issue right now for Turkish players.

Monthly subscription cost 13€ * 15.50 ≈ 200 ₺ in Turkey, which is 7 % of the minimum wage and it is an absolutely huge number.

If Blizzard doesn’t do any regulations for payment method in Turkey, playerbase will be forced to unsubscribe their accounts.

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      I'm from Turkey and I have been playing world of warcraft since cataclysm.  My issue is simple and I'm pretty sure you guys have received multiple ticket regarding this issue however I want to give it a go on my own aswell. The currency Turkey is currently using is Turkish money and It is losing a lot of value lately. I was paying 100 Turkish money when I was playing on 9.0 expension and now It is 180-190 Turkish money . I really want to play with my girlfriend but we need to pay 360-370 Turkish money and extra 250 Turkish money to buy shadowlands expension for her. In total we need to pay half of minumum wage to play only 1 month together. That is not something we can afford right now and I am asking If you guys have any plans to arrange the price for Turkey like you are doing for Russia and Argentina. Turkey has 90 million people which is double of argentina and we are the reason why twisted nether realm is so populated right now. I'm sure you guys can make Turkish people to come back to game and you can even earn more money from changing the rate for Turkey. Thanks for your time 

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the prices are insane blizzard please localize the blizzstore for turkish players

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Actiblizz does not care about anyone. Lol there is war in Ukraine with Russia and they still are selling their products in Ukraine in russian RUB currency. That is so f***ing hilarious lol. I hope things will get better when Microsoft will eat them. Hope that all of the management team especially responsible for the dumb policies will be fired.

And I hope when their games will be added to Microsoft Store the prices for turkish and ukrainian people will be fair.



yes hopefully thanks a lot

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We are not happy with the new system and we want you guys to change it last version. Prices are not our priority, we want to play game together and you don’t allow us to send gift from any game anymore. I have lots of friends playing world of warcraft, everyone has the same opinion as me. We will not play games anymore if this system still goes on.