Crusader Horse w/ Akarat's Rebuke now broken

The new chest piece essence for crusader Akarat’s Rebuke no longer procs or functions during Draw and Quarter. When Akarat’s Rebuke was added to the game I made a build that used it with draw and quarter(horse) and it was a strong build but it no longer works. I hope this is a bug and not a ghost change that was made. This changed happened a few days after the chest piece was added and I used this build for about a week before I noticed they no longer worked together. I have tested this to be true.


Glad someone posted this issue.
As of today Wednesday, January 25, 2023.
I am playing crusader with skills Horse with Akarat’s rebuke condemn essence. The lightning doesn’t proc while im riding my horse.
But I was surprised to see a random crusader in my party having same essence skills and the condemn lightning activates while riding in his horse. Is this a bug? Hope they could fix it.

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