CRUEL Bug in Shadow Wars / Ritual

@Blizzard, @Developers: Do you guys even Check your Servers for technical Problems or dont you do anything unless the Server generates too low cash flow?
There occured a Game breaking Bug!
Please Hotfix and delay Ritual by 1 week. (Hold on, again when Bloodsoaked is Immortal, Coincidence?)

On Hemlir Server, now the leading Shadow Clan got dismissed in the Ritual this evening because of a Bug existing since the 2nd cycle. Yesterday Shadow war was buggy, we gut the wromg enemy (played already against him) and the enemy we were ment to fight against was not able to Join the fight at all.
Now the Top 10 Clan Tablenis somewhar random, Clans with 100% win rate are excluded, other Clans randoms included. The Ritual is based on broken and wrong dataset at least one a wrong top 10 Clan Set.