Critical error when logging in a character

Keep getting this error code “C92ACD61-D0ED-4ADE-97BD-ED82171EF674” I can launch WoW fine. When i select a character, i get the critical error and that error code


I have the same problem, only the error code changes in each execution. It started after downloading the new version (10.5.47799)

same here, eu player

I also can’t connect, NA, same error

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I can’t even start wow game shutdown with critical error.
And I agree with colleagues, since the last update …
Error D6A40B64-D25D-4440-ADBF-E63AA685BCF3

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If any of you are on a Mac, there is a known issue. You will want to head here.

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Windows here. I’ve found an article from the Classic branch saying roughly whats happening to us here saying its a bug

Oceanic server here, I can’t get past log on screen without a critical error, I was thinking maybe coz I’m not running windows 11 yet. Any other ideas ?

Hey everyone,

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