Cricket Wirless

I have a monthly non pre paid plan with cricket, showed it to the staff in a support ticket by even sending them my monthly phone bill, and the staff confirmed it wasn’t pre paid or a voip but they still cant allow me to use the sms authenticator which means I can’t play OW 2 or any future blizzard game. I have sunk hundreds of dollars and thousands of hours into overwatch and this is extremely frustrating. They asked for my phone plan and confirmed it was montly yet still couldn’t do anything?!? Why ask for it in the first place then.

Also the ticket feedback from the support that said they couldnt do anything suggested I “change phone plans” which is completely out of touch and an insulting solution when I have a monthly plan already.


I also have Cricket Wireless and did the exact same thing as you submitting the monthly phone bill, but I am still waiting on a response to my ticket.

Been Blizzard customer since the 90’s. I’ve had a single Battlenet account for decades and have only used that one account this whole time and am now unable to get access to play OW2.


They asked for my bill, confirmed it was monthly and then said we still can’t do anything, consider getting a new plan. Like what was the point in asking. Cricket has been an amazing phone plan for my entire family so this is such a terrible policy. And they can’t even make exceptions when its proven that the authenticator is wrong.


For me I wasn’t asked I just submitted it myself to show them. That is extremely frustrating…

I agree I left Verizon back in 2018 and used to have a phone plan for 2 people. I now pay a fraction of the price with a family plan for Cricket Wireless it has been a game changer. Honestly, the service I receive is on par with Verizon, there is no reason for me to change my current plan.


Just don’t play their games anymore.

I was an X17 member, I remember Exodus, Telia, AT&T.

It’s not the same company. It’s not even a facade anymore.

They’re corrupt, misguided, misinformed and mismanaged. Move on.

I feel bad for the rest of you.

I feel bad for myself for sticking around for a company that is so completely out of touch with their player base…

They thought that the best way to combat smurfing instead of Riot’s smurf-detection, for example, was to have some post-paid phone plan auth.

Absolute joke.

I’m sorry, I must’ve missed the competitive aspect of Blizzard games lately. Pretty sure nobody outside of their own circle cared about Blizz e-sports anymore. They literally had to trash their MOBA.

Sorry, this is toxic, but not nearly as toxic as Blizzard circa 2022. Just change your name already. You’re embarrassing.

Chris Metzen & staff, Kalgan, God even GC (never thought I’d say that), wow. We miss you guys.

These people? Let them go. Just move on. This thing has to die before anything better is gonna take its place.

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This is my first and likely last experience with a blizzard online game. I too have cricket and have had my number for 17 years. Sounds like a Blizzard problem, not a cricket problem. Didn’t know Blizzard would exclude those that don’t like to overpay on cell service.

Cricket user here as well. It’s the cheapest option where I live without having to use a clamshell.
I was furious when I couldn’t get in to the game at first. Over a phone provider? Come on Blizzard, are we discriminating again poor people out here?

Blizzard can suck one for this… can’t play their games unless i pay for an overpriced phone service? yeah… I’m so done with this crap company. buh bye Blizzard