Cosmetic Rewards for New Players


I would like to ask Blizzard, ( With the support of the other players ), to reconsider to give the chance for the new players to get the cosmetics collection for the games ( To share the 30 years of history with them ). I understand it should be step by step, nevertheless to give the hope for them to get the Collection in the future is a great motivation for them to get all the products from Blizzars.

WOW: Specially the rewards for each season, like Diablo 3 ( Each season you get rewards from previous Seasons ). Perhaps the rewards you get in the WOW Classic may be transfer to the original ad well.

Heartstone: like the previos Ideas, in special to have the chance to buy the cards back and heroes that were available in the store before to give the chance to buy them again.

Starcraft Remaster: Give the chance to get the portraits of the previous 5 seasons.

Starcraft 2: The chance to buy the battle Chests to unlock the cosmetics ( I am sure a lot of people would buy them ) Additionally the rewards for Watch the streamers as well.

Overwatch: Have the chance to get the previous rewards for the streamers, the chance to buy previous skins sold before in the Shop additionally the Icons and sprays from previous seasons following the example of Diablo 3 rewards. And of course the Pink Mercy ( Perhaps to donate again for the Cancer Institution ).

Diablo 3: Continue giving the previous rewards, and also give chance to get again the rewards from the Season 1.

Heros of the Storm: To have the chance to get the Icons, portraits from Previous Seasons, additionally to get the chance to buy Loots Boxes again.

I know the previous ideas may not be support by the veteran players, nevertheless, we need to be generous with the new generations of players joining this big community and family during the 30th Celebration.

Best regards.


I like that please let everybody get mage tower appearances by going back and doing it legacy mode

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Thank you Lumpalish for your support.

It’s very important to keep the players motivated to continue playing to get the old rewards. Perhaps the Shop may sell them for real money.

I invite all the gamers to support my requests, I know is a lot of people with the same dream out there.

Best regards to everybody, and please Blizzard hear our request.

Mage tower should be something brought back in the week we do time walking to gives those players a chance at mogs like Druid forms ect. It would keep a lot of players happy and give something to do other than the daily farming chores and maybe keep some players from leaving for games like ffxiv.