Corona Virus D2 LOD restart

Keep people safe at home give us a fresh start. Thank you.


Lmao it’s just the flu not some resident evil t-virus and why reset ladder just to let bots ruin it all again so pointless

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Go out , lick some subway poles. Perhaps ER and hospital food is just what you need to reconsider you life and stop spamming Bnet about how unfair you think the world is.

Show me on the doll where coronavirus Touch you

I wouldn’t be surprised if bnet gets temp shut down. If no one is in the office to defend against hackers in their modern games and whatever daily things are required to keep bnet running smoothly it will be destroyed by hackers.

Server mainteance isn’t done from an office. Any employee with access to an ssh terminal can work on that stuff anywhere in the world. IT is, in fact the one area that can continue working fine (for the most part) with everyone working from home (and a good chunk of IT professionals do work from home. Home office FTW)

This is a multi-billion dollar publicly traded corporation that has dozens, if not hundreds, of people who work together to keep the bnet 2.0 platform running as smooth a possible for all ActiBlizz games only playable on bnet.

But you might be right.

Absolutely, but what I mean is that this type of work (maintaining server infrastructure) does not require you to be physically present at the office or not. It’s literally the same. I am acknowleged with engineers who worked at IBM… From the other side of the planet, in Sweden. All you need is an internet connection, and the right credentials.

Of course, this does not apply to the people who actually maintain the physical server infrastructure (the actual machines), but that is very likely located in a datacenter someplace else from Irvine. IaaS is the way those giant business go.

What if everyone at Blizz who works to maintain bnet contract the virus at the same time and they all get sick at the same time and they all need to be hospitalized at the same time for 3 weeks.

Looks for his glass stretcher.

Then they would need to entertain themselves by playing with their MOBILE DEVICES so they’d maintain their servers from their hospital beds just so they can play the NEXT FULL FLEDGED DIABLO EXPERIENCE

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D3 isn’t even full fledged! There is no way anything these people will ever do with the franchise, be full fledged. But I admire your optimism.

I was being ironic. They described D:I as a “full fledged Diablo experience” in their ted talk, I mean, announcement.

Tbh, there’s one mobile ARPG that already throws D:I or D4 out of the water, and it’s completely free. I’ll take Anima over anything Blizz is currently cooking any day. [yes, I play phone games, sue me]

I played Dungeon Hunter 2 and 3 over the course of 4 years - I did not buy gems. It’ll be interesting to see how D:I looks on my iPad Pro… BUT I WON’T LIKE IT!

Anima caught my attention because, even though it has the obvious limitations of a phone game (controls, namely), it did try its best to keep some of the big boy ARPG features like skilltree, affixes, socketing, magic finding, manual stat distribution, etc. Not in a D2 or PoE level, but still props for making a proper video game and not one of those phone gachas and mmos with autobattle.

Dungeon Hunter had about a dozen skills per class that unlocked via leveling were upgrade-able, and it had many different unlock-able items via leveling that included helms, boots, gloves armour and weapons, which all could be upgraded as well. It was an area clearing hack n slash. It was an ok toilet game, but nothing big boy about it and doesn’t sound as in depth as the game you played.

Except if you’re a little company like Google. Their employees can’t do things from home.

24 hours later…

Potential DDoS.

Heh at least Dota 2 and CS:GO are working fine.

I will dedicate this quarantine to live a life of decadence, only eating and sleeping.

fresh start, lets goooo!