Converting accounts?

So this is just a general statement I would like to make to blizzard devs. Please for the love of god. If you remaster / remake diablo 2 , whatever it may be. Please allow for the items and accounts to convert over. It really bothered me that my Warcraft 3 account did not convert over after having played so many games and getting all my icons. I spend a lot of time playing your games and if my diablo accounts get erased after thousands of gameplay time. I will most definitely quit playing. Thank you for reading.

D2rm will never happen

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No offence but I hope they wipe every existing character from their servers.

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People actually think they’re going to get to convert their characters from classic D2/Bnet? :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Why would it be irrational to convert existing legit accounts ( non-botted ) over to remaster ?

because it would be a new beginning.

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I hope for a clean slate, too! Remastered ought to be for building a new community of elder and new Blizzard gamers.


Hello no, that would be the worst idea ever and would ruin the game right from the start.