Controllers broken again

It literally just pulses near anything that you have to press “A” on. Have to spam press it to select anything. Worked fine until this update. Game is currently unplayable with Xbox controller.


Same problem, just started after update.

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same Problem!
Since Patch, unplayable with my PS5 Controller.
Have to spam the X Button on every interaction.
My Finger hurt…

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Same problem!
with a pS4 controller.
Have to spam the X button on every interaction… boring

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Same. Ps5 Controller

Same, except… I’m only having this issue on my pc with a PS4 controller. on my laptop with a Stadia controller it works just fine.

Same, I also encounter this issue. Please stop by my website,

Same here. XBox controller wired of bluetooth to PC. This breaks the game for PC players who use controllers.


As soon as i updated i also got this problem.

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