Constructive - not a fan of the new app

Just a few simple things:

I like how the games are on the top bar now, but I fail to see how this version improves upon the old one in any way. I think it’s nice to have the Friends window attached to the side, but that’s all that I can compliment off the bat.

What really irks me is the huge font used throughout the app and there is a lot of empty space between things. It doesn’t feel sharp and tight and efficient.

Font issue goes with the new forums too. It’s completely massive. People have 4k monitors now and I feel like the font size is like 18+ which is ridiculous.


yeah i hate it , it looks super ugly imo and i dont want that HUGE friends tab open 24/7 i REALLY wish i could use the old launcher again :frowning: oh well .

and oh i know right? im not loving this font at all …


I don’t like it at all. It is way bigger and busier and more complicated that it needs to be. And now I see it is a beta? I don’t think I signed up for this one. So now I am confused and blinded by all the extra blinky graphics. It definitely needs to be simplified.

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