Constructive feedback on new launcher

So I know there are a lot of opinions when things changes, and while I don’t hate the new look for the layout there is a lot wrong with it that needs addressing.

First is the huge amount of dead space it has. I shrink my launcher cause I don’t need it taking up my screen. It is there to launch games, nothing else. Because of this, I cannot even see all my games to choose from and my friends list is so cluttered I can’t see more than 4 people on at once.

On top of that the worst thing is the section showing what game I’ve chosen takes up 1/3rd of the launcher and it just wasted space. I want the old style back where I could see all my games and all/most of my friends that are online.

If I could I would include a picture pointing out all the dead space. But as it stands I can’t.

tl:dr I shrink bnet down as small as it can and now it wont show anything of value anymore. No I won’t make it bigger, its just there to launch games and view the friends list.


I couldn’t agree more, I really don’t care about some teenagers playing e-sports and if I wanted to receive promotions I would subscribe to the newsletter.
An option to disable ALL of that stuff would be great.
I would even go back to installing/updating games manually and launching from a shortcut if they just allowed it to run without the launcher.


I click a shortcut called STARCRAFT to launch Starcraft II, DIABLO to launch Diablo III - but Blizzard insists on injecting advertising. I do not need ANY secondary interface to start a game. One click is all that is needed. Having to click through multiple layers to play a game we have purchased is just an insult to customers.

ps: now I find it has even broken the login process - I can’t even get into my games… lmao.


yes i like this alot. thank you keep up the good work

You can create Desktop Shortcuts to launch your games. In the Launcher go to the [Play] button. Next to it is a Settings Wheel. One of the options is to Create a Desktop Shortcut to play the game.

You will still need the launcher on patch days to update, but that should be obvious if you get a sofware mismatch error.


Except that creating a shortcut on the desktop using ‘your’ method simply creates a link to the LAUNCHER and not to the game. Yeah - they ‘fixed’ that, too.

You have to add the -nolaunch or similar in order to not invoke the launcher … it’s a royal pain to go through the mess - because as stated earlier, then you incur the wrath of the Klingon Gods that demand you views ads whenever they update the launcher or games you have installed.