Constant updates?

Why are all my games almost constantly getting updates all the time? retail WoW. classic WoW. Classic TBC. Hearthstone. They are all getting updates throughout the day.

Isn’t that what maintenance day is for when you cut off access to the games altogether?

Why am I (nearly) constantly interrupted with game updates?


I have the same situation (Wow retail and TBC). Every time I exit there is a little update on each game. Been happening for a couple of days or so.

I get updated almost everyday and for just one game. Average 3 times per week!

Why am I unable to log into the game? My update gets to initializing and then times out? It is sad that the anniversary event is going on and I am unable to play and collect rewards, all while paying to do nothing because I am unable to install UPDATES!! :rage:

Lol it was just like it has done in the past, I was having deja vu. They are working on it the red triangle says.

Everyone is right! Constant updates, or are they? Is this a new way to track everyone trying to have fun? Are they collecting information on everyone?
All we want to do is play this game, not get tracked everyday!

I am experiencing the same issue. Constant updates for all of my games: Starcraft, Starcraft II, Warzone, Cold War, and Vanguard. Several times a day, every day. Been going on for a few days now. Very annoying.

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I am having this problem as well with Warzone. Its been happening for probably a week. Very irritating. It happens to me around every 2 hours so it’s not nearly as much as others though.

Turning off dowload future patch data fixed it for me

this is happening to me as well. Could it have to do with the anti-cheat? I tried turning off my download patches and now I have to actually click on the update before it will update, then launch the game.