Constant updates & transmog appearances disappearing

desktop app is constantly updating and broke my game to a point that i had to reinstall. also for some reason i am also having transmog appearances that im positive i have cause i saved a set around them just to no longer have them show up. another example is the murloc backpack things that i claimed from an existing 6m sub, shows as claimed to the correct region and everything but its not showing up in game for me to use.

I am continually having my transmogs disappear, that I have paid real money for!! Why do they keep disappearing? and if this is a known problem - then why does it still cost me so much gold across so many characters to fix??? why not make these items 1gold to transmog to? I mean its been months and months of this - how many thousands of gold do I need to spend fixing my transmogs? is this the hidden gold sink? it sure feels like it - unhappy because I paid real money now I continually have to waste my in game gold on these items. and my time.