Constant game crashes & cosmetic issue

I really enjoy playing Diablo Immortal. The amount of activities, environments, endless character build possibilities, easy class-changing - it is all super fun. However, I have been experiencing constant game crashes since the latest update. I spent a lot on this game and I cannot play PVP becasue while searching for opponents, the game closes and I get the penalty for cancelling a match. Then I need to wait for 10 minutes to start searching and the game crashes agian. Could you please tell me what to do in order for the game to run smoothly? I have already checked my graphics’ settings and the memory bank on my device (iPad Air 3rd gen.) and everything there seems to be okay.

The cosmetic issue I mentioned concerns the "Scions of the Storm Argent " armour. I have unlocked the "Scions of the Storm Argent " weapon on necromancer by completing the Inferno l helliquary gauntlet. Since I wanted take advantage of the great new calss change system, I changed my character “Muriock” into demon hunter. When I decided to complete Inferno ll helliquary gauntlet, I forgot that when I finished, I would get the "Scions of the Storm Argent " armour part for tha class that I played at that moment. Would you be so kind and tell if it is possible for you to lock the “Scions of the Storm Argent” armour for demon hunter on my character “Muriock” and unlock this cosmetic part for necromancer on the same character?

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You already reported that in your previous thread…

…and, as I advised, it’s a design decision you don’t like, not a bug.

Reporting something that’s not a bug multiple times won’t do any good.

I do not know if you have or have not already read my reply to you in the post “Transmogrification Collecting Issue” because I have not received any answer for two days under that post. This is the only reason why I added that report to this post. I want to clarify that I was told by the support team that my issue with the “Scions of the Storm Argent” armour cosmetic will be resloved here. Here is what one of the supporters told me and I can prove it - " Diablo Immortal Bug Report - Blizzard Forums from here our developers will be able to work and resolve any issues as quickly as possible". This is why I expect you to help me. I was clearly informed that I would receive help here.


When Blizzard employees post on the forums, their text is blue.
Folks with white text, like you and me, are players.

As I aid in your other thread, I have no idea why a Blizzard person told you to post about this here, for the simple reason that what you’re reporting is not a bug, and is therefore irrelevant to this forum. It’s also why I provided a link to the Blizzard support article that tells you how they want you to provide feedback / suggestions to them, i.e. via Reddit.

Again, a design decision you don’t like isn’t a bug.

Firstly, thank you for clarifying how the roles work on this forum to me.
I was also surprised when the support members told me to ask for help with my issue in the “bug reporting” category, because it is clearly not a bug. Nonetheless, I was sent here by the people from Blizzard. I have read what you sent me about Diablo Immortal Reddit but it is not going to solve my problem. I think it is a great initiative. However, there is no way to directly contact Blizzard people through that page.
I need to talk to a Blizzard employee that would pass my request along to the developers.
Would you mind telling me how to contact such a person through this forum or in any other way?
Thank you for taking your time to help me.

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The Diablo Immortal subreddit has a number of Blizzard Community Managers that regularly post / respond to players, and those CMs pass stuff onto developers.

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