Constant game crashes caused by a specific essence

Originally I reported this to the technical team, and was advised to post on the forums as well.

Constant game crashes after most recent update caused by a specific essence combination and gear:

The issue occurs upon use of the skill “Inner Sanctuary” with the “Flow of Eternity” modifier. I can bypass the crash caused by this essence by not using a modifier to the skill or by using modifiers that mod the skill in any other way - so long as it is NOT “Flow of Eternity”, I do not crash. On occasion, I also crash other members in my parties when using this skill.

I can also increase or decrease the speed of client crash by using the “Shal’Baas” set. Currently this essence ability is game breaking for me, and cannot use it whatsoever, if I wish to play the game.

Update: Can confirm that I can replicate this effect on the mobile version as well.

I also tested this in assembly one night to see who all I can affect in an area. Just as a general estimate from those I talked to, I affected roughly 25 other players that I am aware of by using Inner Sanctuary, as described.

Please fix this so I can play the class how I enjoy, again. :frowning:

Still happening, even after the latest patch :frowning:

Issue occurs 100% of the time if I’m attacking as I activate the skill or too quickly after the skill. If I pause briefly before attacking/anything, I do not crash. Very much so less than ideal.