Constant Crashes / Account is not connected error

I cannot stay connected in game. I know when it is about to crash me out as the game will start rubber-banding, lagging and then I get the disconnect error. I then get an error on the Character select my account was disconnected. I try to log back in and I may have to try 4 times before I get back in. It may be fine for a few minutes before the same cycle repeats. It is not My network as the other account is playing at the same time and will be online still as I get disconnected and will disconnected or fail to get in while I am connected. So let us not play the “its your network game” please.

Is this for Diablo II: 2000 or titles in the Blizzard Arcade, if so, please specify which game.

If it is not either of those, then you are on the wrong forums for troubleshooting. I recommend google searching the name of the game and the word forum and that should get you where you need to go.

I also want to note these forums are for community based troubleshooting of issues affecting your local system, client or network. No one on any these forums will help you if you are certain the issue is service side and not something you can troubleshoot. In those cases, use the game’s associated bug report forum.

However I wouldn’t rule out a local issue just because some thing else unrelated isn’t experiencing an issue. Every connection is unique, every program is unique, every software and hardware setup is unique.

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