Consider class action against recent false bans

Hello Diablo Immortal Community,

For those who got banned recently for no clear reasons from Blizzard, we should consider a class-action lawsuit.

The email response generally says that the account was banned because of a violation of the Terms of Use but for no specific reason. This is not acceptable. Blizzard should show the specific action and the review process. I suspect a lot of players got banned because of spooning. Is spoon considered a third-party software? Give the community a clear answer.

The false bans not only impact the players who got banned but also players in the clan. Because of this, I think all players should be able to participate in the potential class-action and ask for $100 - 1000.

Reply to this post if you are interested. My wife is a lawyer and knows a few friends might get this case.

Finally, I also suspect this post will be blocked. I might post again on Reddit or somewhere else.


Anything that plays the game for you is against ToS

If you have a character that farms for days/weeks straight the only viable solution is a ban

They don’t need to ‘catch you’ if you are blatantly not playing

Everything that a character does is logged


How do you know it’s not me sitting there watching auto-attack or my other hand is busy taking care of other things? Wudijo, top Diablo Streamer from Maxroll, farmed very long hours. He also got banned. He was clearly not cheating. But lucky for him, he could get his account back because he is famous. How is this creating a fair and fun environment for the majority of the players?

Our clan leader got banned. And 99 of us got no chance in the shadow war. No reason to ban him at all. How is this helpful for the game? 50 of us will be afk soon. Together, we paid more than $10000. And we are seriously considering suing Blizzard.


I think before you jump the gun on this and try to start a class action lawsuit, you should go over the EULA with a fine toothed comb.

The EULA, in no clearer terms from Blizzard, states it is NOT an exhaustive document. What this means is that if a definition of explanation is not narrowly tailored, it is up to Blizzard’s interpretation and we accept that.

So whatever it is you did, or didn’t do, to include people “accidentally” leaving spoons on their devices - Blizzard found reason to ban you and others, and face no legal repercussions because the EULA is an agreement; an agreement all of us voluntarily enter into by simply entering the game.

Oh ya brilliant!! LMAO Total sarcasm; however, I would love to see the trial when you tell a judge that you got kicked for exploiting the game, breaching the TOS and basically CHEATING and the company should pay you for your own stupidity. LMAO Please let us know when that is going to happen lol.

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To cry on a forum that a game won’t let you cheat and expecting actual players to feel bad for you is the number 1 dumbest thing I’ve seen all week. Most cheaters just silently take their bans, not you though, you have to out yourself and expect others to jump on your crying bandwagon

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This seems like an exploit. Hmm… Let’s use it. What could possibly go wrong?!

My phone for got shut off and wen I had the money to get it back on…I logged on and it said the account was temp banned I put a ticket in. Said game master would get back to me. And I pretty much got a automatic email with a bunch of crap didn’t even say why I was banned

I’d definitely like my char back on my other account… yes. Go for class action law suit I was para 115 and our clan just got to be immortals

People keep saying they don’t ban for no reason. If you were banned, you cheated and that’s that. Well, not so much. I just got banned for running a rift and claiming my daily rewards. I don’t use 3rd party programs and I don’t use bots. So what did I do, by playing the game, that was okay to ban me for?

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