Connection to servers lost

I keep having the same problem with every call of duty that has been launched on where whenever i load up the game im instantly greeted with “your connection with servers has been lost” or something along those lines. Ive been through the support system with activision and still havent succeeded. And now with vanguard coming around i still havent been able to solve this issue. Its not a problem with my account as the game works on my other friends pc, and its not a problem with my internet as my brother is able to play problem free

Things i have tried:

Port Forwarding

Driver Reinstallation and Updates

Changing DNS

Releasing/Renewing IP

Resetting network adapters

Reinstalling Windows (a bit extreme but i tried)

Allowing vanguard through firewall

did you figure out a solution?

i have problem ping 200 i cant find match can help my plss

how are they going to sell me games that i cant play when your servers are down? i cant even play the single player campaign?? as time goes on seams like a big scam on buying games. did you ever get your issue resolved?

Hola! Yo estoy en algo parecido. Instalé y actualicé al 100% el Starcraft 2, pero al darle a JUGAR, carga el juego pero no pasa el proceso de autenticación. Sale error y dice que está realizando tareas de mantenimiento. Ya van 48hs de los mismo. Hablé con otros contactos que tengo que lo están pudiendo jugar sin problemas