Connection Interrupted


I am having an issue where my connection will be interrupted and I will get dropped from whatever game I am in. This can happen within 1 minute after joining a game or after joining multiple games without an issue. It seems to be sporadic. I can be standing still not doing any action or playing.

I’ve searched and found multiple people having this issue but never saw a resolution.

Things I have tried off the top of my head:
Deleting cache
Re installing
Port forwarding
Using a different CD key
Unplugging router
Reconfiguring IP

This issue only happens with Diablo2 and no other games I’ve played.

Any help with this issue would be appreciated.

It’s probably not your system, it’s more likely to be on the server side. Maybe because of bots.

I’m having terrible lag (teleport especially), and severe rubber-banding at this hour on USWest.

All my other games online are working perfectly fine.

I have the same issue. Dying in HC just because the server drops you is BS and needs to be addressed. A system implemented to detect disconnection caused death (server-side not client side or people will abuse this) and restore a HC character.