Connect issue battle net

Will not connect to battle net. Running ios 17 public beta 8. How do I fix this?

First thing to test would be to revert to a non-beta operating system.

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Bravo Sherloc ios17 no longer beta it is release candidate system and out in 2 days, this is a shame on blizzard they filter out ios 17 users. If you ever used iphone you should know hiw hard to move back to any previous version, from beta the only way to have a pc and wipe reinstall your phone after backing up your 250-1000 gb of data via an usb cable for 2 days literally, there is no other way to opt out from a newer system :slight_smile: , all other blizzard apps work on ios 17 just immortal bnet communication restricted, you can download resources updates but actually cant connect to any realm. This is something with netease and or blizzard who should do something, but blizzard really like move in directions which screw up users all the time, they potentially fix this last second only.

Update iOS. Check network. Update Battlenet app. Restart device. If issues persist, contact Battlenet support regarding iOS beta compatibility for a solution. Good luck!

Stop posting the same thing every post about a topic you don’t know