Congratulations ZeaLORDeaL, first to 99

Amazing job getting to 99. I’m sure you’ve been up 24/7 since ladder reset in front of your computer the whole time grinding away at this accomplishment… I’m sure you need a well deserved rest after being up for nearly 21 continuous days. Who needs bots when there are troopers like you who can do this, right?

(SC US-East Expansion Ladder)

Fun wikipedia article:

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Good job with the Gardner point. I learned about him when I did my own research into sleep efficiency.

What’s really weird is Blizz allows that garbage website to be linked to their forum but not The Arreat Summit.

If they’d ever switch the Arreat Summit over to SSL encrypted hypertext transfer protocol (https) and whitelist the website for links for anyone that is less than trust level 3, we could.

I suspect it will never happen though, as the classic staff is probably stretched razor thin as it is.

Playing with my yo-yo while wearing my flip flops.